Metallic Noise Barrier

Metallic Noise Barriers

Metal screens are made of galvanized steel panels that make up a sound-proof casing inside them. The panels overlap vertically between studs made from steel profiles. The absorbing face is a multi-perforated metallic element. The design of the perforations allow to the sound wave to enter in the panel and being dissipated into the absorbent material. The beams are placed.

A variety of materials may be used for noise wall panels and posts. This section provides details of some of the more common materials: including a description of the material, its features, examples of typical use, special considerations, typical quality verification, and regional considerations, where applicable. n addition, because the selection of a particular surface treatment texture can depend on a number of factors including aesthetic requirements of both sides of the barrier, construct ability issues, maintenance concerns, and particularly the type of barrier material, this section also discusses barrier surface treatments. For example, selection of a form liner finish on both sides of a barrier could negate the ability to use horizontally cast precast barrier elements and require the use of either vertically cast precast elements or cast-in-place barriers.

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