Acoustic Work Consultants

Noise generated by the development of large commercial real estate is fast becoming one of the most contentious environmental problems worldwide. Urban-based “Supercenters” and shopping centers generate all types of unwanted noises – from tractor-trailers delivering goods in the middle of the night, to general shopping traffic noise found with 24-Hour retailers.

As developers and retailers now target neighborhood-based stores, residents and communities are demanding better noise abatement from developers, retailers and local governments.

The design and installation of Acoustic partitions, Acoustic doors & windows  is not just our business but also our passion and you can assured that your initial enquiry will be greeted with genuine enthusiasm by a real person not a machine or a script reading drone. During the initial consultation we will determine various issues including but not limited to:

Level of sound reduction (acoustic performance), whether the system should be top hung or floor supported and also what finishes are available. With your input the design team will submit drawings for your approval so you know exactly what Folding Movable walls you are getting and how much the total Cost will be.