Acoustic Steel Door

Steel Door

Useful to control noise propagation from one room to other room i.e. DG room , Power house , Electrical room and at many other place for industrial application

Steel acoustic door with Door frame , Hardware, Robber gasket and GlassVision Panel(Optional) etc.

Steel Acoustic doors  of required size ,  double / single leaf  door comprising of MS pipe  at three  sides , the hollow portion of  pipe filled with Rock wool to block noise transmission . The door leaf shutters are made out of 1.3 mm thick plain CRCA sheet both side , 85 mm thickness ,with acoustic insulation material of  Rock wool of 96kg/m3 density and one sound dampening layer of 3.5 mm thickness. The EPDM rubber gasket provided in between frame and shutter to fill gaps in between shutter and frame.

Steel Door Manufacturer

Hardware: – Heavy duty industrial type hardeare

Vision Panel ( Optional)  :- Door fitted with sound proof glass vision panel , sound proof glass made out of 06 mm , 02 no toughened glass with 12 mm gap in between both glass , gap filled with Argon gas and sealed with silicon sealing.

Finish: – Powder Coated in desired shade