About Us

We design, plan & manufacture the entire range of acoustic products & noise control systems with high performance and a great output. Our main objective is to protect nearby area from high noise. We have shaped our working environment in a planned and organised manner to achieve the exact project requirements and engineered for optimum noise control, pressure losses, flow generated noise and a great perfection.

We also provide NVH Test Chamber & Sound quality Check System for Automobile and Home Appliance Industries.

Our reputation lies in building lasting relationships with our clients and focus on delivering valuable and a perfect product required according to clients work.

We provide acoustic solutions for Commercial and Industrial purposes. Every day, our engineers work for you to build a quality & valuable product you are looking for. We help resolve complex issues and identify opportunities.

We design Acoustic Enclosure, Noise Test Booth, Audiometric Booth, Sound Test Chamber, Enclosure for DG Set, generator Enclosure, Sound Proof Canopy, Canopy for Large and Small Machines, Acoustic Foam etc.


Because we have transparent and clear views with great innovative skills and ideas on several important topics which affect on yours project Quality, Integrity and Results/Output.

We are one of the best manufacturers in the market because we provide high quality products at affordable price. Price of our products is low to the extent that anyone even with limited resources of income can bear the expense without burning hole in pocket or making any kind of compromise on financial ground. Not a single client remains option less with our product range as we keep everybody’s requirements and taste in mind. To meet their needs in a professional manner, we have hired a long team of trained and skilled professionals that manufactures every inch of Acoustic Enclosure, Noise test Booth, Acoustic Door, Audiology Booth, Acoustic Louvers and other helpful gears with expertise.

Quality, Integrity and Results

We know that finding a good company for developing/manufacturing an authentic product is not a simple task. With us you can expect highest level of customer experience, excellent up-time backed up with qualified support and engineering staff, transparent and honest business practice. We ensure 100% quality and on-time results in every situation.

Innovative Ideas & Solutions

At ZAK Acoustics, we embrace new technologies and ideas, balancing them with proven methodologies and implement it on urgent basis as per client satisfaction after discussion for optimum working for our product. Our skilled engineers share their innovative ideas and work a lot on according to your Product Requirement and Specification to give you a best quality product more than your expectations.

To serve clients with commendable results, we also check every item with careful eyes and several experiments before making available for sales. It is a nice decision to rely upon our tools and equipment’s because we surely bring peace to life while helping you for noise free living.

Our Clients